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Tsutsuji Matsuri, Nagakushiyama Park | Taro Matsumura

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i want! i want! | WALK THE MOON

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Jordan and Winston the alpaca in Australia

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Randy Scott Slavin is an award-winning director and surrealist photographer based in New York City. Slavin manipulated photographs he has taken of scenes across the USA into 360-degree panoramas, which he then digitally mapped as stereographic projections to create his Alternative Perspectives series

While shooting series one I came to realise that I could never know how and what would make a great Alternate Perspectives image until afterwards.

Sometimes I would be shooting a landscape that seems mundane and then in post production I found it to be amazing!


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A Moment of Reflection: Mirrored Landscapes by Cody William Smith 

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Assemble by Blule

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